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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome to this class where we will talk about 10 ways to remember words. My name is Stella and I’m going to give you some helpful tips today.
1. door te praten met vrienden “by talking with friends”
Je leert snel door te praten met vrienden. “You will learn fast if you talk with your friends.”
This is so true guys, so make sure you do this. Language is communication, so if you don’t actually learn how to use those words, then you’re not really learning anything.
2. door naar tv-series met ondertiteling te kijken “to watch TV series with subtitles”
Another great way to learn is - door naar tv-series met ondertiteling te kijken “to watch TV series with subtitles”.
So you can say - Ik leer Nederands door naar tv-series met ondertiteling te kijken. “I learn Dutch by watching TV series with subtitles.”
This is a really good and fun way because it helps you to identify words on their own and as part of a sentence.
3. om te oefenen met schrijven “to practice writing”
Het is een goed idee om te oefenen met schrijven. “It's a good idea to practice writing.”
So, schrijven is a pretty difficult word to pronounce, but you could maybe practice it by writing it down a couple of times.
4. door hardop te lezen “to read out loud”
Door hardop zinnen te lezen wordt leren makkelijk. “By reading sentences out loud, learning becomes easier.”
So this is definitely true because if you’re reading out loud, then you’re actively engaged in multiple senses at once. You’re seeing the word, you’re speaking the word, so you’re sort of feeling it in your mouth and you’re also listening to it, so that’s a really great way to memorize things.
5. door verhalen te verzinnen “to make up stories”
Wij vinden het leuk om verhalen te verzinnen. “We like to make up stories.”
So this is indeed a great way to learn. So just when you’re walking down the street, try to imagine a story and find the right words to go with it. It’s a great way to search for those words that had been hidden in the back of your mind.
6. door woorden met elkaar te associëren “to create associations between words”
This next one is long and difficult - door woorden met elkaar te associëren “to create associations between words”.
Het is makkelijker te begrijpen als je woorden met elkaar associeert. “It's easier to understand if you create associations between words.”
Even better, you can create mind maps and make a little drawing with each word. That really helps too.
7. onthouden door te luisteren “to memorize by listening”
In de bus onthoud ik woorden door te luisteren. “I memorize words in the bus by listening.”
So, listening is one of the most important things in learning any new language, because your hearing sort of needs to adapt to the sound of a new language. So, hearing many different people speak Dutch will help you to understand what the language is supposed to sound like.
8. door eenvoudige teksten te lezen “to read simple texts”
Op school lees ik eenvoudige teksten. “At school, I read simple texts.”
So, also, you could try getting your hands on some children’s books or you can take a book that you’ve already read in your native language. For example, I read Harry Potter when I was learning Swedish because I already knew that book very well, so it was easy to follow along with Swedish and you learn some new words.
9. door te luisteren naar liedjes met tekst “to listen to songs with lyrics”
Ik vind het leuk om te luisteren naar liedjes met tekst. “I like to listen to songs with lyrics.”
So if you’re looking for some nice Dutch songs, I would recommend Eefje de Visser. She’s a very good singer and she sings all of her songs in Dutch, so that’s great.
10. door voor het slapen gaan te herhalen “by repeating words before going to sleep”
Another way to memorize things is - door voor het slapen gaan te herhalen “by repeating before going to bed”.
So you can say - Voor ik ga slapen herhaal ik de woorden. “Before I go to sleep, I repeat the words.”
This is a good way to memorize words because, while you’re asleep, your brain sort of processes what you’ve learned that day. So, make sure you repeat the words a few times a day to really make them stick.
All right, that’s all for now. If you have any tips yourself on memorizing Dutch words or memorizing words in general, please let me know in the comments. Remember to give me a thumbs up and subscribe, and if you want to learn more Dutch, you can always visit DutchPod101.com. I’ll see you next time and thank you for watching!