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Lesson Transcript

Hi there. You are here to learn some Dutch. My name is Stella, and today, we will be talking about some very important Autumn Vocabulary. Let’s go.
The first word of the day is,
1. trui "sweater"
Mijn trui is te klein. "My sweater is too small."
Now, this can be a tough word to pronounce because of the /ui/ sound and the throaty R. T-R-ui, trui. Keep practicing. Too tough one.
The next word is,
2. regenachtig "rainy"
Het is regenachtig weer. "The weather is rainy."
So these sound quite similar, regen, rainy. See, you got this. Just remember to practice the /r/e/g/ena/ch/tig, it’s a really, really tricky one for non-native Dutch speakers. But I am sure you can get it right. Just practice.
3. winderig "windy"
Het wordt morgen een winderige dag. "Tomorrow is going to be a windy day."
Again, very similar sound. So easy to remember. In Dutch, if you want to make a noun into an adjective, sometimes you can add -ig or -achtig at the end. So, zon, zonnig; regen, regenachtig.
4. fris "cool"
De wind is erg fris. "The wind is very cool."
By which we mean cold. Now, the word fris can also mean refreshing or it can be used as a noun and in that case, it means, soda.
Next word is,
5. herfst "autumn"
De herfst is mijn favoriete jaargetijde. "Autumn is my favorite season."
Fun fact. Herfst is a funny word because it doesn’t rhyme with anything since it has four consonants at the end.
Okay. Next word is,
6. koud "cold"
Het water van de Noordzee is koud. "The water of the North Sea is cold."
This is definitely true guys. I mean, though the North Sea is wonderful, but the water is murky and very, very cold. So why is it lovely, you ask? Well because it’s Dutch, of course. Duh!
Next word,
7. kastanje "chestnut"
We gaan kastanjes zoeken. "We'll go chestnut hunting."
Fun fact. The word kast in kastanje actually means closet kind of like the word chest in chestnut. Hey!
Another autumn staple,
8. t-shirt met lange mouwen "long-sleeved shirt"
Ik ben op zoek naar een t-shirt met lange mouwen. "I am looking for a long-sleeved T-Shirt."
Now, you don’t necessarily need to say T. You can also just say shirt. And remember that the /ou/ in mouwen is pronounced kind of like in the word "how".
9. vallende bladeren "falling leaves"
In oktober zie je al vallende bladeren. "You can already see falling leaves in October."
Be careful. In Dutch, we do not spell the words of months with the capital letter at the beginning.
10. blad "leaf"
Het blad van een eik. "The leaf of an oak."
So be mindful of this word. The singular is blad. Plural is bladeren. So it’s common to use the diminutive form blaadje.
That’s all for today guys. Thanks for watching and remember to practice your Dutch vocabulary. Have a wonderful autumn.