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Lesson Transcript

Hi there. Are you ready to learn some new Dutch words? My name is Stella and today, we will be talking about gift ideas. Let’s get started.
1. boek "book"
Mijn vader leest graag boeken. "My father likes to read books."
I also love books but to be honest, I don’t think they make very good gifts unless I’ve specifically requested to have that book. Otherwise, it just feels like a chore.
2. parfum "perfume"
Heb je nieuwe parfum al? "Do you already have that new perfume?"
Another really easy one. “Do you guys wear perfume?” I have one that smells like fresh laundry and I use that a lot. It’s the best scent ever.
Next one is also very easy guys. You got this.
3. camera "camera"
Een dure camera kopen. "To buy an expensive camera."
This is another insanely expensive gift you've sent, I mean, here is an idea, if someone loves photography, get them a nice accessory like a filter, an easy way to store the lens cap or something.
Oh, this one isn’t really bad though.
4. smartphone "smartphone"
Zij heeft de nieuwste smartphone. "She has the newest smartphone."
I definitely don’t have the newest smartphone. I’ve had mine repaired like three times and it still works well. It’s much better for the environment that way, though the battery does drain very quickly.
5. spelcomputer "game console"
De ps3 is mijn favoriete spelcomputer. "The PS3 is my favorite console."
What’s your favorite console? I got a Game Boy Color when I was like nine or something I think and I don’t think I let it out of my hands for the first five years after that. Good times.
6. woordenboek "dictionary"
Van Dale is een Nederlands woordenboek. "Van Dale is a Dutch dictionary."
Why would you give someone a dictionary as a gift? Like Happy Birthday isn’t like reading. I don’t know. Unless you are really into the dictionary game, I don’t really see how this would be a great gift. Unless you are learning Dutch and it’s a Dutch dictionary of course.
Next word,
7. een vlucht naar Nederland "a flight to the Netherlands"
Volgende week ga ik een vlucht naar Nederland boeken. "Next week I am going to book a flight to the Netherlands."
Now I see why this dictionary might come in handy. Aha! Practice the pronunciation on this one. That /ch/ sound is pretty hard, vlucht.
8. kleding "clothes"
Zij koopt elke maand nieuwe kleding. "Every month she buys new clothes."
Instead of kleding, you can also say kleren, which also means clothes. And an interesting thing about the word kleren is that it's plural which means, the word doesn’t exist in singular form.
9. fles wijn "bottle of wine"
Een fles wijn graag. "A bottle of wine please."
Now, here is a gift that most adults will appreciate. I mean, even if they don’t drink wine themselves, you can always you know use it when guests come to visit or something.
Next word.
10. fiets "bicycle"
Heb jij ook een fiets? "Do you also have a bicycle?"
In the Netherlands, everyone has a bicycle. It’s not even a valid question really if someone has one. You just you do. I think I know literally one person who doesn’t have a bike and that’s because it just got stolen. So the roads are very bicycle-friendly and it’s a great way to get around.
Well, that concludes our lesson for today guys. Have a great day and I will see you next time. Bye!