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Lesson Transcript

Hi there and welcome! This is Stella and today, we are going to talk a bit faster, that will only kill you slowly I guess.
1. spek “bacon”
So, the first word of the day is spek “bacon”.
Ik vind spek erg lekker. “I like bacon very much.”
Me too my friend. Unfortunately, I’m a vegetarian, so it’s just lettuce and sadness for me. Anyway, so, bacon in Dutch is spek, but you can also just say bacon because, actually, many Dutch people just use the word bacon.
2. energiedranken “energy drinks”
The second one, energiedranken “energy drinks”.
Energiedranken zijn erg zoet. “Energy drinks are very sweet.”
It’s actually more common to say energiedrankjes, so to use the diminutive form, or even just energy drink. I’ve never really like those to be honest. They smell like coffee and there is like 30 sugar cubes in them, so, don’t do drugs kids.
3. verwerkt vlees “processed meat”
The next one, verwerkt vlees “processed meat”.
Ik vind verwerkt vlees niet lekker. “I don't like processed meat.”
This processed meat kill you faster than unprocessed meat does. I’m not really sure why that would be, but if you do know, tell me in the comments because I’m actually very curious now.
4. diepvriesmaaltijd “frozen meals”
Next word, diepvriesmaaltijd “frozen meals”.
Mijn broer eet veel diepvriesmaaltijden. “My brother eats a lot of frozen meals.”
Yeah, that would be unhealthy, especially if he still eats them while they’re frozen. So, there’s no wonder, he’s going to die young, sorry.
5. chips “potato chips”
Next word, chips “potato chips”.
Tijdens de film eet ik graag chips. “I like to eat potato chips during a movie.”
Ah, salt and fat, I love you. So, what’s your favorite flavor in chips? Crisp, I should probably say. I really like the vinegar and sea salt ones. So, anyway, notice that the Dutch word for fries is patat. So, we actually use the word chips just for “potato chips”.
6. margarine “margarine”
Wij gebruiken thuis boter in plaats van margarine. “At home we use butter instead of margarine.”
Does margarine kill you? I don’t know guys. I think butter is just as bad. Maybe olive oil is still okay.
7. magnetron popcorn “microwave popcorn”
Ah, the next one, I love this next one, magnetron popcorn “microwave popcorn”.
Magnetron popcorn is erg slecht. “Microwave popcorn is very bad.”
I don’t think, popcorn in general isn’t very good for you, but I suppose that does include microwave popcorn. Anyway, don’t let it get you down. Popcorn is delicious and if anything about popcorn kills me, it would be one of those little skins that get in your teeth and I’ll die of an infection.
8. instant noodles “instant noodles”
Op werk eet ik elke dag instant noodles. “Every day at work, I eat instant noodles.”
I bet you didn’t see that one coming. Look, do what you have to do, just drink some water after it because the salt content in those cups is not okay.
9. snoep “candy”
Ah, this next one just… this is what’s going to kill me, definitely, snoep “candy”.
Wat is je favoriete snoep? “What is your favorite candy?”
10. frisdrank “soda”
Next one is frisdrank “soda”.
Frisdrank is slecht voor je tanden. “Soda is bad for your teeth.”
This is a really depressing lesson guys. How about we talk about some of the good things of soda, huh? I mean, it’s delicious, it’s healthier than energy drinks, so there.
So, that’s all for today’s lesson guys. Thanks for watching! Remember to practice. Like and subscribe if this was something you enjoyed and if you want to learn more Dutch, be sure to visit DutchPod101.com.