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Lesson Transcript

Mies: Hello everyone! Welcome back to DutchPod101.com. I'm Mies, and this is All About Lesson 15, Top 5 DutchPod101.com Pet Phrases
Jacob: Hallo ik heet Jacob.
Mies: After years of Dutch living, Jacob I have some pet phrases to share.
Jacob: Yes!
Mies: After some time, you will probably have your pet phrases too, but for now, we'll give you some to latch onto right away.
Jacob: These are all phrases that locals use a lot!
Mies: They're kind of like the "cool" and "awesome" of English. You'll fit right in when you throw them out there.
Mies: Now, our favorite phrases, Jacob.
Jacob: Okay, here we go.
Jacob: " Mag ik u even lastig vallen?»
Mies: "May I bother you for a moment?
Jacob: " Geen probleem"
Mies: "It's nothing." or "Don't worry about it."
Jacob: " Waar is het toilet ?»
Mies: "Where is the toilet?"
Jacob: " Laten we gaan! "
Mies: "Let's go!"
Jacob " Echt? "
Mies "Really?"
Mies: Let's hear these phrases one more time, slowly.
Jacob: " Mag ik u even lastig vallen ?
" Geen probleem"
" Waar is het toilet ?»
" Laten we gaan! "
" Echt? "
Mies: Let's take a closer at how to use these notable Dutch expressions.
Jacob: Pet Phrase One. "Mag ik u even lastig vallen?"
(Break down words and tones)
Mies: Basically, this is a polite way of getting some one's attention by asking the person, "May I bother you for a moment?
Jacob: Yes, "Mag ik u even lastig vallen? "
Mies: This is generally used when you want to ask someone a favor or even when you are asking for directions!
Jacob: So, for example, maybe I would ask you for directions and start off by saying "Mag ik u even lastig vallen? Waar is het postkantoor? "
Mies: Ah, "May I bother you for a moment? Where is the post office?"
Jacob: Good work, Mies!
Mies: Very useful!
JacobPet Phrase Two. "Geen probleem." (No problem)
(Break down words and tones)
Mies: This is a great phrase. Basically, it's the Dutch equivalent of "Forget about it!" or "No problem."
Jacob: So, for example, if someone steps on your foot, you can say "geen probleem."
Mies: Or if anything weird happens, just throw out a "geen probleem."
Jacob: That is so useful!
Jacob: Pet Phrase Three. "Waar is het toilet?" (Where is the toilet?)
(Break down words and tones)
Mies: Now here is an ultimate lifesaver!
Jacob: Yes, not knowing how to ask for directions to the toilet can be a matter of life and death!
Mies: Indeed. So, this means "Where is the toilet?"
Jacob: This is a very useful phrase.
Mara: Yeah, it has saved me in so many situations! An absolute must-know phrase!
Jacob: Okay, on to number four.
Jacob Pet Phrase Four. "Laten we gaan !» Let’s go!
Mies: Yeah “Laten” means “let”, “we” means “us” and “gaan” means “go”
Jacob: It's a perfect day, what do you think about going to the beach?
Mies: Laten we gaan !
Jacob: Pet Phrase Five. "Echt ?"
Mies: "Echt ?" means "Really?"
Jacob: "Echt !"
Mies: This phrase can be used when you want to express surprise, doubt, or whatever, just like we would use "Really?" in English!
Jacob: Yes, it's a great interjection.
Mies: Very natural Dutch. Well, those are our favorite phrases in Dutch.
Jacob: We hope you like them, too!
Mies: We're sure you will find lots of uses for them. They really help you fill in the natural gaps of conversation.
Mies: That's it for this lesson. Thanks for listening!
Jacob: Dag!
Mies: Bye!