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Lesson Transcript

#6 All About. Title: Can You Answer These 5 Questions About the Netherlands?
Mies: All about Lesson 6. Can you answer these questions about the Netherlands. In this lesson, we will build your basic knowledge of the Netherlands by quizzing you on five areas of Dutch knowledge - geography, pop culture, travel, economics, and myth busting!
Jacob: Ooh, sounds exciting!
Mies: Yeah! I thought of these questions all by myself!
Jacob: By "by yourself," you mean with my help, right?
Mies: Okay, so, first we will test your geography knowledge!
Jacob: As we all know, the Netherlands is not too big of a country but its divided up in Provinces
Mies: So the first question is, how many provinces does the Netherlands have?
Jacob: A) 3 B) 12, or C) 96
Mies: This one is the warm-up question, so just think logically!
Jacob: The answer is B) 12! The youngest was created in 1986. We reclaimed land in the former Zuiderzee, and now it’s called Flevoland
Mies: Thank you. Okay, question number two is on pop culture! Woo!
Jacob: Not too many Dutch people are internationally famous, but we do have a few icons that you all should know! I'm going to name three people…one is a famous architect, one is a dj, and one is a sports star. Match the name with the profession.
A) Marco van Basten B) Rem Koolhaas C) Tijs Verwest
Mies: Oh! Oh! I know! I know!
Jacob : Okay, Mies, shoot!
Mies: Well, A) Marco van Basten became European footballer of the year 3 times in 1988, ’89 and ’92. Now he works as a football manager. Actually if we are talking about football players, there are probably many names you would know.
Jacob: That's right!
Mies: B) Rem Koolhaas , He's one of the Netherlands's most famous architects
Jacob: Correct. Yes, you can see buildings designed by him all over the world. In Fukuoka (Japan), New York, London, Copenhagen, Chicago, Beijing…well, the list of places continues.
Mies: Yeah, and I hear he is working on a building in Rotterdam now. And the one left over is Tijs Verwest.
Jacob: Yep! That one is a bit tricky because most people might know him by the name Tiësto only. DJ Tiësto
Mies: Yeah he played at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.
Jacob: Okay, moving on to number three. It's a travel question! Rank in correct order the most popular travel destinations in the Netherlands. A) The Keukenhof B) The Canals of Amsterdam, and C) Kinderdijk
Mies: Hmm…tough one! They are all really popular! I would guess The Keukenhof, that beautiful garden full of tulips.
Jacob: (JacobBuzzer sound) Mies, Unfortunately, that's the wrong answer! Try again.
Mies: Okay, so then it has to be The Canals of Amsterdam?
Jacob: Yes! Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist areas. Even though the tulips are very popular, tourists mainly want to see the beautiful old houses and canals Amsterdam has to offer.
Mies: I see… Okay, so number two is De Keukenhof right?
Jacob: It sure is! Keukenhof Gardens is the world’s largest flower garden, and actually a promotion for the Dutch flower industry. About seven million flower bulbs are planted in the park every year.
Mies: Wow! So Kinderdijk is number three then?
Jacob: Yes, more than 1,000 old windmills still exist in the Netherlands. The largest concentration of Dutch windmills can be found near the village of Kinderdijk
Mies: Okay, next question please! I'll get this one right!
Jacob: Moving on to economics then!
Mies: You're just teasing me. You know economics isn't my strong point.
Jacob: Haha, well even you should be able to answer this question!
Mies: Hit me!
Jacob: The currency used now in the Netherlands is the Euro but what was it before? A) Franc, B) Mark, or C) Guilder?
Mies: I know this one! It's the guilder
Jacob: Correct!
Mies: I used to love the guilder, they were really nice and they had really nice images of Dutch heritage on them!
Jacob: So now we come to our last question. It's a question about the average height of Dutch men.
What is the average height of Dutch men; A) 175 cm B) 181 cm C) 185 cm
Mies: That is Easy! Bram, one of my friends is 207 cm, the average just has to be C) 185
Jacob: Wow, 207, that is really tall. But yeah you are correct, The Dutch are the tallest people in the world, living on the flattest country in the world.
Mies: Do you know if there is any reason why the Dutch are so tall? Do their mothers pull their toes when they are kids?
Jacob: Ha ha, no. Well research shows it to be a combination of genetics, disease prevention, diet (dairy, etc.), average wealth and well-being, as well as the psychosocial wellbeing…all of these affect height.
Mies: So to summarize: drink your milk, get your shots, be happy and grow grow grow…oh and a bit of genetics.
Jacob: So how about the women, do they also look like skyscrapers ?
Mies: Ha ha do you think I look like a skyscraper? I am 174, a bit over the Dutch average, which is 171cm
Jacob: Well, you know what they say, its easy if you have to change a light bulb .
Mies: Very funny Jacob. Well, that was a nice little quiz. I wonder how our listeners did.
Jacob: I'm sure we have many educated ones who know a thing or two about Dutch society already.
Mies: Yes. And on that note, let's wrap up today's lesson here!
Jacob: See you next time!
Mies: "Antío!"
Jacob: Geia sas!