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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

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Monday at 09:47 PM
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Hoi Cheryll

Thank you as always for your question. " Als" in the sentence refers to that , that they plan to do at first.


Team DutchPod101.com

Saturday at 08:40 PM
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What does "als" means in the example sentence?

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Monday at 08:54 PM
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Hoi Miyako,

Thank you for your comment.

It's a little difficult to explain but let me try. 'Nog' is an adverb and tells something about a part of the sentence

that is not a noun, for example a verb, like in your sentence. (verb:willen). Here 'nog' makes the statement sort of less direct, leaving the activity optional. If there is time the person also would like to go shopping but if not than that's okay. If you leave "nog" out of the sentence it would mean that the person really wants to go shopping and would be disappointed if she or he could not.

* Ik wil ook winkelen. - I also want to go shopping.

*Ik wil ook nog winkelen. - I would also like to go shopping.

Hope this helps!


Team DutchPod101.com

Saturday at 05:03 PM
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I will ask you about the sentence of

En ik wil ook nog winkelen.

What does it mean by `nog` in this conversation?