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Sunday at 03:42 PM
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Hoi Cheryll,

Yes, "toch" is one of those words that you are a bit tricky to learn. Just be reading and speaking you will see it's purpose in a sentence.

"Nog" - "still" or "yet". (until now)

- Ga je nog niet naar school ? - Haven't you been to school yet ?

In case of repetition:

- Nog een keer spelen ? Play one more time ?

To emphasize things :

- Die film is nog beter dan deze. - That movie is even more better than this one.

Hope this helps Cheryll,

succes !


Team DutchPod101.com

Thursday at 04:25 PM
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Hallo, what does "nog" means? I get confused because some sentences use "nog niet"

alvast bedankt!

Thursday at 04:17 PM
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hoi jacob!

dank je voor de informatie over "toch" het is moeilijk word om te begrijpen. ?

DutchPod101.com Verified
Wednesday at 10:19 PM
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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for leaving the comment. Please keep up the good work !

If you have any questions, please let us know.:wink:


Team DutchPod101.com

Sunday at 03:24 AM
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I didn't understand every word but I was still able to understand enough to answer the question

DutchPod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

DutchPod101.com Verified
Sunday at 05:49 PM
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Hoi Linda,

Thank you for your comment. And well..'toch' is a word that is difficult to explain. Had to a little search to find some answer for you that might help.

-as a positive or negative statement:

- Je zag me niet. - toch wel! ( you didn't see me - yes i did!)

- Ze verkopen hier taart. - toch niet! ( they sell cake here - but they don't!)

'Toch' translated as 'still or anyway'

-Hij is ziek, maar toch werkt hij door.

He's sick, but he still keeps working.

'Toch' translated as 'after all'

-Ben je nu toch gekomen?

You did come after all? (I thought you would not)

'Toch' ...can also be used as a word that has no meaning but is just used to emphasize things.

-Wat doe je toch raar! - You are acting rather weird!

Hopefully these examples help you a little bit with the difficult word 'toch'.



Team Dutchpod101.com

Tuesday at 06:31 AM
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'Toch' seems to have many uses. Can you explain?