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Chigusa: Welcome to a special Inner Circle Audio Lesson! I'm Chigusa and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Chigusa: In this Inner Circle, we’re talking about…
Peter: Bringing Out The Big Guns to Fight Language Learning Failure
Chigusa: You’ll Learn...
Peter: ...One, Why I Signed Up for In-Person Classes This Month,
Chigusa: Two, The Importance of Anchor Points for Language Learning Success
Peter: ... Three, Identify and Attack Your Needs Accordingly
Chigusa: and Four: How to Find Solutions to Language Learning Problems
Peter: So you can master your target language and reach your goals!
Chigusa: Listeners, welcome back to the Inner Circle.
Peter: Last time, you learned how to track your study time...
Chigusa: ...and track your results!
Peter: So picture this. If you tracked and knew that taking 3 or 4 lessons...
Chigusa: ..would get you to 1 minute of conversation...
Peter: ...that reviewing flashcards for a few minutes
Chigusa: ...would help you memorize 6 or 7 out of 10 words...
Peter: Now, you can predict your progress. And because you know your return...
Chigusa: ...you’re more motivated to learn. So, Peter, let’s talk about this past month.
Peter: Ah, my language goal for the month?
Chigusa: Yes. You promised to reach 7 minutes of French conversation.
Peter: ...Chigusa, 6 is not 7, right?
Chigusa: Peter, you’ve promised 7 minutes 2 months in a row!
Peter: Chigusa, I know, I know. But, in light of the difficulty that I’m having, turning this failure into success, desperate times call for desperate measures...
Chigusa: Peter, the year is halfway through.
Peter: ... Chigusa. which is EXACTLY why I made a BIG commitment and a BIG investment in the middle of June.
Chigusa: And this is the topic for today’s Inner Circle.
Peter: Bringing Out The Big Guns to Fight Language Learning Failure
Chigusa: Alright, so you enrolled ...
Peter: ...in a real, in-person class.
Chigusa: Really? Why?
Peter: Let me give you some background about why I made this decision. Actually, these past few months have been a bit of struggle. It’s funny because, out of the many languages that I could’ve studied, I chose French...
Chigusa: ...because you thought it would be easy?
Peter: Exactly. And it’s been the complete opposite. But not because of the language...
Chigusa: ...you just didn’t have the time?
Peter: Exactly. It's hard to fit this goal into my lifestyle.
Chigusa: Wait, you can’t fit this goal into your life... but you went and enrolled in a class? Why?
Peter: You’ll find out why in just a second, Chigusa, but first, let’s get to the first part.
Chigusa: ...One, Why Peter Signed Up for In-Person Classes This Month.
Peter: So here’s the quick answer as to why I did it –
Chigusa: Desperate times?
Peter: Desperate times call for desperate measures. And I need to reach my goals one way or another.
Chigusa: Interesting, but why classes? Like at a real language school?
Peter: Well... think about it, Chigusa. There’s a reason why traditional methods, like schools, are still around in a digital world. Yes, they are a very expensive option...
Chigusa: ...and they take up time - traveling to class, doing homework....
Peter: But, Chigusa, I appreciate real classes for a few reasons. First, they’re expensive.
Chigusa: Wait wait, how is that a reason?
Peter: Here’s why it’s a very good reason: If I don’t show up to class or study for an expensive class, that hurts!
Chigusa: Ah, yes, That’s hundreds of dollars down the drain.
Peter: So, the higher the price, the more likely I’m going to show up.
Chigusa: And the more you value it, right?
Peter: Exactly. The second reason... the classes become an important anchor point for me.
Chigusa: Wait, what’s an anchor point?
Peter: Well, this is a big one and and this is actually the focus of our 2nd part.
Chigusa: The Importance of Anchor Points for Language Learning Success
Peter: So, this is the big reason why I’ve enrolled. Think of ...Anchor points as... points that your life revolves around. For example, take work. If you work 8 hours a day...
Chigusa: Ah, your life revolves around your work.
Peter: Or, at least your work schedule. If you start at 9AM, you need to wake up early.
Chigusa: You need to leave your house by a certain time in order to arrive at 9AM.
Peter: So, you see how work becomes an anchor point in your life? Your schedule revolves around it. So, let’s apply this to language...
Chigusa: Okay.
Peter: Now, with digital learning... it’s a little trickier. No clear anchor points. It's really self imposed.
Chigusa: Hmm, with digital learning, it’s super easy, super flexible....
Peter: ....You can learn at any time, anywhere.
Chigusa: Yeah, it is perfect for people that have jobs, responsibilities and kids.
Peter: But...one of the drawbacks is, because it’s so easy, you can easily stop doing it... if other things come up, like life or a sporting event or news. Which was the case for me.
Chigusa: But with school and classes?
Peter: ....They’re NOT flexible. They become an anchor point. So, I have rescheduled my life around this anchor point. So, when this lesson is in the middle of my week, there’s no way I can skip it.
Chigusa: Yeah... When I was in school, my life revolved around going to class.
Peter: You didn’t sound so enthusiastic about this, Chigusa. But this is exactly the point. So, my routine revolves around this in-person class... but the bigger point is this: I have to show up. I have to learn. I have make progress...
Chigusa: ...and you succeed with your language goal.
Peter: ...which is what I need to do with my French.
Chigusa: That’s very smart. Come to think of it, a lot of successful people have their lives revolve around their goals...
Peter: Exactly. Take professional sports players... playing, preparing and staying in top condition... that’s their job. They’re not playing every Sunday at 5PM for an hour. Their life revolves around it.
Chigusa: Right. Also people that go to the gym at 6AM, before work...
Peter: Their life has to revolve around that 6AM session. They go to sleep earlier. They wake up earlier.
Chigusa: Or even at 8PM. Same principle. They have to leave work at a certain time.
Peter: Exactly! Chigusa, there’s also a 3rd reason why I enrolled into this class...
Chigusa: Oh, what is it?
Peter: Here comes the 3rd part.
Chigusa: Part 3 — Identify and Attack Your Needs Accordingly
Peter: So, if you’re learning a language, you’re probably aware of some of your weak points.
Chigusa: For example, most beginners can read well...
Peter: ...But their speaking skills tend to be weak. Others have problems with motivation.
Chigusa: Some don’t have time. And some just jump from resource to resource..
Peter ...and don’t get very far.
Chigusa: So, what about you Peter? What’s your weakness? You can’t stick to your French goal?
Peter: Wow. Very subtle, Chigusa. But, you are right. Right now, it’s sticking with the goal. I dont have trouble listening, reading, writing. I get that interaction from FrenchPod101. Sticking with the goal. that’s where I need the help. So, listeners, ask yourself...
Chigusa: What are your needs and...
Peter: ....and what are you going to do about them?
Chigusa: In your case, you need to start hitting your French goals again.
Peter: Exactly. There are 3 options. There’s self study. Which is helping me in the other areas. I’m learning on my own and it’s very effective.
Chigusa: There’s guided learning with our Premium PLUS plan. It includes
access to your own teacher.
Peter: And then, there’s combining the website and an actual class.
Chigusa: So, first, Self Study. Which you can do with our Premium plan.
Peter: People that go the self study route typically are motivated and just want a program to work with. That's it.
Chigusa: They usually don’t have much time so they need the convenience of being able to take lessons anytime.
Peter: ...and they don’t need much hand holding. They don’t need a teacher.
Chigusa: A majority of language learners out there are in this boat - self study.
Peter: Agreed. I’m in this boat whenever I start learning a new language. So, to sum up: their needs are: resources that work, flexibly to learn anytime...
Chigusa: ...and they’re generally low on time.
Peter: Then, there’s guided learning - our Premium PLUS Plan...
Chigusa: ...where you have access to an onsite teacher and our learning program.
Peter: People that go with this route, don’t have access to a real teacher... or simply don’t have time for real classes... but want the 1-on-1 feedback.
Chigusa: So, they want to have that 1-on-1 guidance...
Peter: ...plus they want the freedom to learn whenever, because they’re usually very busy too.
Chigusa: So, if you want to perfect any one of your language skills... whether speaking,reading, writing or listening...
Peter: ...and get also feedback. This is for you.
Chigusa: The only thing different from them and the self-study group is...
Peter: ...they want access to a teacher... but they can’t make time for actual classes.
Chigusa: And then, there’s combining the website and an actual class.
Peter: Which is what I’m doing. And the reason for this is... I need that anchor point to keep me locked into my goal.
Chigusa: Peter, so in your case, you don’t need more lessons, or a Skype tutor, or to practice speaking more... and you don’t even need more time.
....you need the rock-solid structure of a physical school.
Peter: Exactly.
Chigusa: I have to say. I’m shocked and impressed, at the same time, that you’re going with classes.
Peter: I have to say, I don’t believe you Chigusa. But I need to reach my goal. I’m laser focused. I can get back on track without the classes but...
Chigusa: But?
Peter: But, I’d rather bring out the big guns and go for a proven method. I’ve done this in the past with German.
Chigusa: Very extreme. But that’s why I’m so impressed! So, what can our learners take away from this?
Peter: Let's look at the fourth part.
Chigusa: Part 4: How to Find Solutions to Language Learning Problems
Peter: Listeners, some of you are now in your 7th month of learning...
Chigusa: And some of you just started..
Peter: Right. We have our 6-month challenge members joining us. They’re in the 1st month.
Chigusa: But, whether you’re in your 7th month or not...
Peter: ...at some point, you will start noticing your weak points...
Chigusa: For example, you’re having trouble sticking with goals...
Peter: ...You’re low on time. Or motivation...
Chigusa: ...Or, maybe you’re not speaking as much you’d like.
Peter: So, listeners, ask yourself...
Chigusa: What are your needs and...
Peter: ....and what are you going to do about them?
Chigusa: If you’re happy with your learning routine...
Peter: ...Or, if you’ve just started, you don’t have to ask these 3 questions right now.
Chigusa: But, at some point, you will have to.
Peter: You will notice problems. And yes, it’s good to identify a problem...
Chigusa: ...that you’re low on time, that you can’t stick with goals....
Peter: ...But, it’s much more important to identify solutions. Be a problem solver.
Chigusa: Listeners, we will give you a cheatsheet of learning strategies that you can use to take action..
Peter: ...and you will find these in the PDF of this lesson.
Chigusa: But, let’s address some common problems here now.
Peter: So, If you’re low on time, the easiest thing you can do is...
Chigusa: Set a small, monthly, measurable goal.... With a deadline.
Peter: For example: speak 1 minute of conversation by July 31st. Learn 100 words by August 31st...
Chigusa: ....or finish 30 audio lessons on the site, by September 30th.
Peter: All of these are measurable so you can track your progress. The deadline gives you a date to aim for.
Chigusa: And they’re all small. 1 minute. 100 words. 30 lessons.
Peter: If that’s still too much... adjust your goal and aim for less. Go 30 seconds of conversations. Finish 15 lessons.
Chigusa: Next, if you’re low on motivation, maybe you’d do better with a teacher.
Peter: Someone that will interact with you and encourage you to learn.
Chigusa: And you can learn with one with our Premium PLUS program.
Peter: Or, maybe you’re low on motivation because you haven’t had any success...
Chigusa: ..then setting small, measurable, monthly goals will give you those small wins.
Peter: Another example, If your reading skills are weak...
Chigusa: Check out our extensive reading books on the site.
Peter: These are the easy 1-line-a-page books designed to get you reading...
Chigusa: ...without stopping over minor words. The goal is quantity over quality....
Peter: ...because that’s the fastest way to improve your reading skills.
Chigusa: And you can find them in the Lesson Library,
Peter: But listeners, check the PDF and get the printable cheat sheet. Print it
Chigusa: On it, you’re asked to write down your weakness. Pick one and write it down.
Peter: That’s right. Focus on just one for now.
Chigusa: And then, look for a solution to try out.
Peter: The cheatsheet is loaded with learning strategies..
Chigusa: ...that you can apply with our learning program and lessons.
Peter: Pick one and put it in action. Remember, again, it's good to find problems...
Chigusa: ...but it’s even better to fix them.
Peter: ...which I’m already doing with the in-person classes to complement all the learning I’m doing on the site.
Chigusa: Alright, so, what kind of goal can we expect for next month, Peter?
Peter: So, I’m at 6 minutes of French conversation. I fell short of 7 minutes 2 times in row but I’ll be back on track, so I’m going for 8 minutes. Again, the in-person class has really given me an anchor point in the week. I know that on this day, I’m going to my French class. I’m going to meet my teacher. So all the work that I do on my own and with my Premium PLUS teacher, is focused on increasing my speaking time with that in-person teacher so I’m very locked in. So, I’m going for 8 minutes, Chigusa.
Chigusa: Sounds great, Peter! Deadline?
Peter: August 31st.
Chigusa: Listeners, how about you?
Peter: What’s your small, measurable monthly goal? And what’s the deadline?
Chigusa: Let us know.
Peter: Email us at inner dot circle at innovative language dot com.
Chigusa: And stay tuned for the next Inner Circle.


Chigusa: Well, that’s going to do it for this special Inner Circle lesson!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Chigusa: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you next time.