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Lesson Transcript

Hallo allemaal! Ik heet Marleen. Hi everybody! I’m Marleen.
Welcome to DutchPod101.com’s “Nederlands in 3 Minuten”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Dutch.
Let’s take a closer we learned the phrase Pardon, spreekt u Engels?
"Excuse me, do you speak English?" We mentioned the word pardon, which means "excuse me" in formal Dutch.
In this lesson we’re going to learn how to use Pardon and other words when apologizing in Dutch.
We should use Pardon in formal situations, such as when we are ordering something in bars or restaurants. For example-
Pardon, een koffie alstublieft.
"Excuse me, a coffee please."
We can also use it when asking a question-
Pardon, waar is de uitgang?
"Excuse me, where is the exit?"
Pardon can also be a formal way to get someone's attention.
Another phrase that can be used to get somebody’s attention in a formal manner is excuseer.
[slowly] Excuseer.
The informal way to say "excuse me" is
[slowly] Sorry.
Just like pardon or excuseer, we can use sorry when asking a question, or when apologizing.
All of these phrases can be used for either “excuse me” or “I’m sorry”. But if you really want to apologize for something, it might be better to use a different phrase.
That phrase is Het spijt me. It means “I am sorry.” and can be used in both formal and informal situations.
[slowly] Het spijt me.
Let’s take a closer look at this expression. First we have Het, or “It”. Next, we insert the Dutch word for “regret”, spijt. Me means “me”.
Het spijt me.
Now it’s time for Marleen’s Insights.
Please remember that in Holland if we accidentally bump into someone, we don’t say “I’m sorry”, Het spijt me; instead we say Pardon, Excuseer or Sorry.
Are you are able to count in Dutch? In the next lesson we will learn the numbers in Dutch from one to ten!
I'll be waiting for you in our next “Nederlands in 3 minuten” lesson.
Tot ziens!