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Lesson Transcript

Hallo allemaal! Ik heet Marleen. Hi everybody! I’m Marleen.
Welcome to DutchPod101.com’s “Nederlands in 3 minuten”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Dutch.
In the last lesson, we learned the phrase Hoeveel kost het? ”How much is it?”
In this lesson, let’s see how we could answer that question by counting euro in Dutch. In the Netherlands, the currency is the euro, de euro.
Please pay attention to the pronunciation in Dutch:
The lowest currency value that exists is “one eurocent”, één eurocent. It’s not very common to use the word *eurocent* though. Most people will use the short version, *cent*, when they talk about prices.
Let’s try to say prices in Dutch. Start by trying to say "26 euro and 50 cent."
Zesentwintig euro en vijftig cent.
[slowly] Zes-en-twintig euro en vijftig cent.
Let’s try another example-
"40 euro and 99 cent.”
Veertig euro en negenennegentig cent.
[slowly] Veertig euro en negen-en-negentig cent.
Ok, now get ready for the next example. This one is longer.
"199 euro and 98 cent”
Honderd en negenennegentig euro en achtennegentig cent.
[slowly] honderd en negen-en-negentig euro en acht-en-negentig cent.
That takes a lot of effort to say, doesn’t it! Well, you can shorten it in two ways. First, you don’t need to say the first and last en. You also don’t have to say cent and euro.
Honderd negenennegentig achtennegentig.
“hundred ninety nine, ninety eight”
But for the usual way to talk about monetary amounts, remember that before the en, you always have the euro, and after the en, you have the cent.
Now it’s time for Marleen’s Insights.
You will most likely hear the short form in shops. It’s easier and quicker to use.
Also, it’s important to know that the smallest physical coin in the Netherlands is 5 eurocents, vijf eurocent. However, 1 eurocent does exist in prices. So when paying with cash you round up or down to the closest vijf eurocent.
You should ask your friends in the Netherlands if they want to go shopping with you to practice these phrases! But first you’ll have to check if they have other plans or not. Do you know how to ask that in Dutch? If not, I’ll see you in the next Nederlands in 3 minuten lesson.
Tot ziens!