Lesson Transcript

One of the best ways to start learning a language and stick with it, is to do it in a stress-free environment. Where you’re most comfortable, like at home!
And in this guide, you’ll discover the 6 best ways to learn at home with our learning system, free printable resources, and much more.
The 6 Best Ways to Learn a Language at Home
But first, if you don’t yet have access to our language learning system
Sign up for a free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description to get your free lifetime account.
Now, before you get started with learning at home, here’s a tip that will increase your chances of success with the language.
Set a designated time and place for language learning. Time and place are powerful cues for creating strong habits.
So, it could be a room, the corner of a room, or by your computer— anywhere where there are very few distractions. And set a time, like from 8PM to 8:15PM — a small chunk of time, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Once you have these set, you’ll have a better chance of sticking with your routine.
Now, what are the 6 ways to learn from home? Let’s jump in.
One: Just play our lessons on your computer
This is the most obvious way to start learning with our system.
Just press play on a lesson and absorb native conversations in just a few minutes.
All of our lessons are about 5 minutes long and teach you practical dialogues like introducing yourself, asking how someone is, and much more.
Or, you can use Premium learning tools like Flashcards to drill vocabulary.
Two: Use our app
Now, if you prefer using your phone or if you just want to be on the couch. Then download our app, Innovative Language Learning, for free. And this gives you the same access to all the lessons inside of our system.
Three: Play the lessons in the background while multitasking
If you’re at home, you’ll probably have chores to do like cleaning or doing laundry. So, if you want to learn a bit while doing chores, you can always play the lessons in the background and listen and repeat along.
You already do this with music, TV, and podcasts and you can do the same with our audio and video lessons as well and transform chore-time into productive time.
Four: Sign up for our live group classes
We open up spots for our live classes about 3 times a year for a few languages, like Japanese, Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and more on the way. So, if you want to learn with a teacher and a small group of motivated students. Sign up for our mailing list and stick around.
New semesters start every January, May, and September, and we’ll send you a reminder.
Five: Print out our PDF Conversation Cheat Sheets
If you prefer learning with physical material, then download our PDF conversation cheat sheets. These cheat sheets are free for all members… and teach you basic conversations, along with relevant grammar and vocabulary. We email out new cheat sheets every month, so keep an eye on your inbox. Download them, print them, and review them as much as you want.
And Six: Use our PDF Writing Worksheets
You can also practice writing with our printable writing worksheets and workbooks, which cover the alphabet, common words, phrases for conversations, and much more.
This resource is also free for all members. And we email out new workbooks every month.
So, if you want to learn a language at home, with our learning system, sign up for a free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description to get your free lifetime account.